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FARC-EP Salutes Sonia And All Women On International Womens Day

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FARC-EP, International Commission, Raúl Reyes sends congratulations on March 8 International Women's Day 2007

The Commanders and Guerrilla base of the FARC-EP, salute all women with immense revolutionary affection on the commemoration of the historical 8th of March, International Women's Day, won with the organized strike of the textile workers of Chicago, in the United States.

From that time they demonstrated to the world that the only alternative to conquer the liberties and the social, economic and political rights is by means of the mobilization and the struggles of the workers, in alliance with the other sectors exploited and oppressed by the bosses of the governing capitalist Regime.

In Colombia since the struggle for independence from Spanish subjugation to these days, the women shine for being so daring, for their heroism and loyalty fighting in combat side by side the men for the libertarian ideals of all the people. Let us just remember Policarpa Salabarrieta "La Pola", Manuelita Sáenz, the woman Liberator of the Liberator, to Manuela Beltrán, La Gaitana, Maria Cano and later the brave revolutionary guerrilleras of the FARC who from Marquetalia were represented in Myriam Narváez and Judih Grisales, signers of the Agrarian Program of the Guerrillas, on the 20th of July of 1964. Hundreds of women of the people follow these heroines of the independence of Colombia who side by side the men contribute with their sacrifice and their blood to the cause of defeating the unjust current Regime to initiate the construction of Socialism.

In the FARC women as well as men join the rows since the ages of 15 to 30 years of age, they do this for an indefinite time, voluntarily, without yielding pay and we receive political, military and cultural training on equal bases. The women also fulfill functions of command and of representation of the Organization according to their capacities and who ever discriminates against them will be sanctioned according to the internal norms that govern us.

In this day, we paid posthumous tribute to the guerrilla women fallen in combat, to the social, popular and political fighters who sacrificed their lives from the first independence to these days, as we are raised up in arms for the second and definitive independence. Greetings in solidarity with Comrade Sonia, extradited by the gangster paramilitary government of Alvaro Uribe to the United States of North America, greetings as well to all the guerrilla prisoners of war in the jails of the Colombian State. Affectionate greetings to the hundreds of guerrilla, militia members, those women who form part of the Clandestine Communist Party, the Bolivarian Movement for the New Colombia, to the masses of collaborating women, friends and specially to the dear mothers of women and men guerrilla members of our glorious army.

FARC-EP, International Commission, Raúl Reyes
Colombian Mountains, March of 2007

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